IDCO ES Plant Visitor


System for Registration and Reception of Service Providers, Visitors, etc. on Company Site Including Permit Printing.

  • Goals and Requirements
  • Target Groups
  • Depicted Working Processes
  • Scalability and Dynamics of the System

Goals and Requirements

  • Ensuring that safety induction has taken place for all service providers, visitors and HGV drivers on the site
  • Optimisation of workflow between internal staff and site security (gatekeeper)
  • Prevention of industrial accidents
  • Printing of a current evacuation list in case of emergency
  • Documentation of questionnaires for contractors

Target Groups
Workflow between Target Groups

  • Project Manager (Internal Staff)
    1. o Is the link to the contractor
    2. Is responsible for sending the safety questionnaire to the contractor
    3. Classifies the work of the contractor
    4. Notifies the gatekeeper of a visitor appointment
  • Section Owner (Internal Safety Officer)
    1. Receives the filled-in contractor questionnaires
    2. Authorises contractors with the receipt date of the questionnaire
  • PVS System Manager
    1. Registering speech-dependent safety instructions and related questions/answers
    2. Authorisation of users and rights within the PVS
  • Gatekeeper
    1. Creates an ID on the basis of the project manager’s visitor notification
    2. Supervises or initiates the safety instruction for new visitors
    3. Check visitors in and out
    4. Has the master list of people on the site (printable)  evacuation list
  • Visitors
    1. Classified in 3 types: Service providers, visitors, HGV drivers
    2. Annually or on first visit, according to type, undergo various safety instructions with questionnaire