IDCO ES DocJuice

IDCO ES DocJuice is a module in IDCO ES Central , originally developed for a juice producer, but which can relatively easily be adapted for other similar purposes. Its function is to monitor the correct amounts of ingredients for an intermediate product. In mixing ingredients into an intermediate or end product the right ingredients and the right amounts can sometimes be very important. IDCO ES Doc Juice is software that monitors these preconditions.

The waiting times are tracked in IDCO ES DocJuice and if a prescribed time limit is exceeded a warning is given. In the case of delays, procedures and where necessary the responsible people can be traced. Since all procedures are recorded in IDCO ES DocJuice, an uninterrupted tracing of the whole working process is possible if there are any later objections. IDCO ES DocJuice thus ensures a controlled and smooth mixing process. The sketch schematically explains the procedure in the mixing of a raw juice (raw product). Directly after removal from storage the removed amount of ingredients is weighed and recorded by a person in EDCO ES Doc Juice. After transport to the mixing location the ingredient is again weighed by a second person as a check and ticked off with a personal identification in IDCO ES Doc Juice if the weight coincides. This ensures that the right ingredient in the right quantity is added to the raw juice mixture. After adding all the ingredients in the mixing container an instruction is automatically sent to the laboratory to take a sample within a stipulated timespan so as to monitor the proportions of the mix (especially necessary with natural products). If the laboratory result is positive the intermediate product is dispatched. If the laboratory result is negative further addition of ingredients will correct the mix until the intermediate or end product is satisfactory. This is also recorded in IDCO ES DocJuice. If the waiting time between taking the sample and the arrival of the result of the analysis is exceeded by a stipulated value, a unmissable warning that the laboratory analysis must urgently be concluded appears on the screens of the IDCO ES Doc Juice program. The reason for this is that otherwise the whole operation will be held up. The analysis can be carried out repeatedly until the result is satisfactory. Before the raw juice is transported away for further processing a corresponding entry is made in IDCO ES DocJuice so that the whole process is traceable in IDCO ES DocJuice.