IDCO Enterprise System

The IDCO Enterprise Framework is a proprietary framework which facilitates and optimises the development of individual software. It is a heterogeneous systems which combines various development languages with each other as required.

Fundamentally the requirements and thus the realisations can be assessed by the following classifications:

IDCO ES Central (VCL)

  • Requirements / interfaces with large usage lifetimes
  • High ergonomics requirements for complex input and output screens
  • High performance in data preparation and representation

IDCO ES Services (C#, WPF)

  • Regular background services
  • Plausibility checks
  • Export/import of data
  • Synchronisation with external systems
  • Cross-computer communication
  • Document storage

IDCO ES WEB Portal (C#, ASP.NET, Silverlight, HTML)

  • Reporting for management
  • Easy data collection e.g. for guests
  • Status displays
  • External connection (outside intranet)

IDCO ES Mobile (Adroid, Windows Mobile)

  • Information flow for individual people
  • SMS/eMail
  • Confirmation procedures / task control
  • On-site data collection