IDCO ES Central

The IDCO ES Central system is a general-purpose system for creating individual software solutions. Particularly in the area of individual database development (in the area of client/server technology), the use of IDCO Central is a cost-saving and future-oriented tool. Savings of up to 20% can be made in the development of new modules, because the framework with many functions is already available and can be used by developers. Up to 15% can be saved in administration, since for the most part this is decentralised into the specialist departments and distribution into the network by the administrator computer is possible through setups. Shortening of the development phases and parallel development and testing of modules means a saving of up to 15% of time in relation to the completion date. These time savings also lead to cost savings. IDCO ES presupposes no special sector-specific functions, so that this framework can be used in all sectors. IDCO ES Central supports multilingualism and multi-client capability and is thus also suitable for groups that have a Europe-wide or worldwide corporate network. Extensions are possible at any time. IDCO ES Central is based on client/server technology and compared to traditional client/server technology offers the advantages of automatic distribution in the network (as in web technology), flexibility through a modular structure (as with SAP) and the high performance and manifold interface design possibilities of traditional client/server technology. A “just in time” message system is employed for control and reaction to particular program events and for support of a production-attendant workflow. IDCO ES Central is distinguished by its combination of functionalities and services. The combination of the aforementioned technologies is unique in the area of client/server technology (confirmed by the VW systems department, which searched in vain in the group throughout the world for a comparable product). IDCO Central is revolutionary especially in the area of client/server technology. The individual functions are technologies already established and come from the areas of SAP, WEB and client/server.