Punica Getränke GmbH

We have successfully introduced the following products Punica Getränke GmbH :
IDCO ES DownTime
RPS-Intro IDCO ES DownTime is software for monitoring downtime in a production line. These downtimes are evaluated and used for process optimisation, by e.g. adapting maintenance cycles.
IDCO ES Service Manager
ES_Serviceman_IntroIDCO ES Service Manager is software for organising and documenting services that need to be undertaken regularly on machinery.
IDCO ES DocJuice
IDCO ES DocJuice is a program originally developed for a juice producer, but which can relatively easily be adapted for other similar purposes. Its function is to monitor the correct amounts of ingredients for an intermediate product.
IDCO ES Plant Visitor
Plant_Visitor_SystemIDCO ES Plant Visitor System is a system for registration and reception of service providers, visitors, etc. on a company site including permit printing